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Here's some helpful information to make your experience as hassle-free as possible.


I’m trying to book a party on GroupToast

What’s the latest I can wait to book a party?

In order to give you the best party and service possible parties must be booked no later than 24 hours prior to the preferred date of celebration.

Are the parties listed REALLY worth $700?

You betcha! We calculate each package value by determining how much an average party size (20) would be paying per person if they were partying at full price.

Average cover $20 x 20 friends = $400
Average cost per drink $8 X 2 drinks each x 20 friends = $320
Imagine if you added bottle service, valet, coat check, shots into the mix. GroupToast really is a money saver!

Do each of my friends need to purchase this party if they want to come to my celebration?

NOPE! One of the best things about is that all our packages are sold at a flat fee rate. That means any party regardless of size ALL get in for the price listed.

Can I change the time of my Package? How about the number of free drinks?

Currently does not offer full party customization. In order to take full advantage of these great party packages we recommend you and your guest show up on time and ready to party.

I never received a confirmation email. What do I do?

Hmm something must have gone wrong. Try checking your spam or junk folders in your email. If that solves the problem remember to add to your contact or safe senders list so you don’t miss any emails from us. If you checked and the email never reached you log into your account page to view your invite and party details. You can print the details there and use that as your confirmation at the venue.

I'm at the party place and having issues

I am here on time but the line is so long I am missing my free drink/free cover hours!

GroupToast strongly suggest getting to all parties on time to avoid any issues. Sometimes party goers will experience a small wait which we apologize for. In the event that you were in fact at the club on time but did not get in please contact us at 773.599.9766 and we will try our best to contact the venue immediately and have you taken care of.

It says I get a free a bottle of champagne but they aren’t letting me take it home wtf?

It isn’t a party without bubbly but unfortunately due to law regulations venues are not allowed to let you leave the premise with alcohol.

They are trying to make us leave our table. I thought it was reserved with our party?

Tables are reserved for parties but only on a first come first serve basis and priority is given to people purchasing bottles at the venue. If you like your seat and don't want to lose it for the rest of the night consider picking up a bottle for you and your friends.

I think I lost a personal item at the party? is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If you think you may have left something at a place you partied you can find their contact information on the venue page.