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If you're looking for a dance club, Transit is a great choice. Since it's located off the beaten path, parking won't be too much of a problem. You'll have plenty of time to fish for bills, as the Friday and Saturday crowd basically necessitates some time in line. You'll be wise to strut your stuff in "style," as even Transit's website warns "smart dress essential." Everyone understands the see-and-be-seen mentality.

Once you get through the foyer, the sizable space opens up into the main room, a large oval dance floor, surrounded by the long, main bar and a DJ spinning house, techno, dance, latin or contemporary music, depending on the night. The look is streamlined and arty, filled with candles to create a sultry ambiance.

Right off the main area is the elegant Marquee room, which boasts one of the coolest full-length mirrors on the circuit. Wrapped in flamboyant hieroglyphics, the colossal mirror deepens the impact of the intimate, dimly lit dancing space. Also off the main room is the Light Bar, a small room with a funky black and white glowing bar.

Follow the spiraling steel staircase up to the Mezzanine room and on the way you'll come across yet another bar on the landing. Grab a quick drink before you head to the Mezzanine, which has thick, velvet stools, more tables lined with candles, and yes... another bar. Cool bartenders and the music is good. Cheers!

(From CenterStage Chicago, Written by Adam White)


Night Club


Friday 10pm to 4am
Saturday 10pm to 5am



Dress Code

Dress code strongly enforced.
(No sports attire, gym shoes, baseball caps, logo t-shirts-Tims) Heck, it's your party, Dress to Impress! Dress code restrictions are at the discretion of the Door Manager and pertain not merely to articles of clothing: but more importantly to style and execution. Dress code subject to change without prior notification.


1431 W. Lake St
Chicago, IL 60607
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